Give your group a voice!

Want to plug an upcoming show? Have an unsung barbershop hero in your midst? A quartet of special merit? Thoughts or photos on a barbershop event you attended?

In a continuing effort to include all Pioneer District chapters in promoting their barbershop people and events, the District's publication the Troubadour is using a new newsgroup email network to hear your stories and publish them. Join the PioNews Troubadour, and email those stories here for consideration in the Troubadour publication. Forward this membership invite to others you think would well represent your group. If you read a good email from a member that could be an interesting commentary for the Troubadour get their permission to send to us or forward them this invite.

The Troubadour also has an upcoming online publication with lots of room for any compelling, heart felt article. It can be just a couple hundred word blurb or a whole page. Share with us what fund raisers have worked for your group. Describe your spaghetti dinner show and put us in those seats.

To joint just send a short reply to...

The question I'm hearing for this endeavor is why don't we just email you the articles direct instead of through the newsgroup?  Well, you can of course send submissions to me via direct email or snailmail but what I hope with adding the PioNews newsgroup is that chapter representatives, etc. after seeing articles being submitted would prime the pump to more submissions.  That members would feel part of the process watching it and would start to become comfortable contributing to it themselves.  Especially with going to a monthly format now.  I felt a more proactive and interactive approach might help stoke the coals. 
So not to undermine the Troubadour and it's contributor's please don't share information from this newsgroup to the outside. 
Please start sending in any articles you wish to submit.  I would like to encourage columns for the Chapter's In Action again.  Let us know what your chapter has been up to this month.  Just reply to all to this email or go direclty to the newsgroup site and post there...

Don't send big photo files to the newsgroup (think there's a 1Meg limit anyways), instead send those directly to me at...
Make your voices heard! 
Michael Baribeau
Troubadour Editor
Pioneer District