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Farewell Power Play

5. Seeing the smiles on all faces when Jason Oyler performed with Power Play once again, reprising their 1989 District Championship lineup.

6. The Ritz, back in Pioneer once again – our District Champs from 1984! And who knew that the Hittites were such a funny bunch of characters (you had to be there)!

7. Seeing and hearing the Gas House Gang once again, with Mike Slamka on tenor. They haven’t lost a beat since winning the gold in 1993.

8. The energy and excitement of Uptown Sound. It’s clear these guys had a lot of fun competing against Power Play over the years.

9. Special tributes and the stories of watching these guys grow and develop, and provided by Jim DeBusman, Don Bagley, Ev Nau, Darryl Flynn, Tom Gentry and Dwain Chambers

10. And of course, the exceptional artistry and outstanding performances by Power Play! These men have represented Pioneer so well over the years. I’m sure they will continue to do so as they continue to participate in this wonderful hobby of ours, whether serving as coaches, directors, or performers. Judging by the performances we saw from Mark’s son Dylan Slamka and Mike’s daughters Michaela, Madison and Mackenzi Slamka, we may be hearing a lot more from Team Slamka in the not-too-distant future!

The evening was a long one, but hours flew by like minutes. By the end of the evening, we all seemed to realize how happy we are to have known the guys from Power Play and how many other people feel the same way. What a great night!

Curtain Call

Smash Success!
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by Jim Kunz
Pioneer President

On February 16th, my wife Kris and I were fortunate to be able to attend one of those “once in a lifetime” events. Friends, family and fans of Power Play all came together to celebrate the artistry and accomplishments of Pioneer’s own Power Play!

While we all could have been a little sad, had we focused on Power Play’s upcoming retirement, the inspiring and entertaining performances and tributes by the outstanding quartets and other presenters quickly dispelled any such feelings.

Some of the highlights of the evening include:

1. Getting a chance to reconnect with fans and friends in the audience, who came from all over the US, Canada and the UK to join in the fun.

2. Listening to Doran McTaggart, that Emcee Extraordinaire, whose stories never fail to amuse.

3. Seeing and hearing 'Big' Mike Slamka singing with Don, Mike and Jack Slamka, in Family Forum once again.

4. The Rural Route 4, in their blue velvet overalls and red shirts, performing with their homespun humor. They had us all tapping our feet and smiling along with them from start to finish.

Below is an excerpt by Power Play from show's program...

A Final Farewell

Thank you all for coming out this evening to share in the final chapter of our "Barbershop Story".  When a quartet has spanned nearly twenty years, it seems that one show, or one page of text is an inadequate amount of time or space to recognize all the people that have touched our lives in some way.  The people you see on stage with us tonight are some of those special people.  Others are seated among you in the audience.  And still others are with us only in spirit today.  

There are a few groups of people that we need to recognize and publically thank.  First, our home chapters, Hillsdale and Macomb County, for being with us every step of the way.  Second, to the barbershop fans that have followed us through the years.  Your kindness and support has been overwhelming.  And third, our families.  Kitty, Traci, Staci, Jennifer, Michaela, Mackenzi, Madison, Holli, Dylan and Felicity.  Thank you for always believing in us, supporting us, and picking us up when we fell.  Your love and support has made this incredible journey possible.  You make it so easy to sing the words, "Blessed are we and we know why, When there's Love at home."   

A final thank you to the performers and presenters sharing in this celebration tonight.  Thanks you for your inspiration and for serving as heroes to us and to all who have known you.  

Power Play