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Grand Rapids Chapter

There's talk that it was the difficult economic times in Michigan that were to blame for the dropping number in orders.  But I also heard Traverse City had a near record year in Singing Valentine orders. 

We did try something new with photos.  Instead of using Polaroid instant cameras and giving the photo to the Valentine there, we took digital photos and uploaded them to our website which was noted on each Valentine card.  With quartets using their own personal digital camera it was hoped this would guarantee available cameras and remove any film issues.  A bonus was that this would generate traffic to the chorus website as well.  Since I was unable to get in a pickup quartet I instead followed one of our quartets for the day and took lots of photos.  The ones I took I had uploaded the next day.  Two of the other quartets emailed me theirs a few days later.  The last quartet instead used a disposable camera, had a lab develop including a disk they gave to me about a week after Valentine's Day.  Overall it went fairly well and we hope to streamline the process in future years. 

John Baker and grand daughter

Singing Valentine Photos
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by Michael Baribeau,
GLC Webmaster & Troubadour Editor
Great Lakes Chorus

The GLC has been experiencing a steady decline in Singing Valentine orders for the last few years.  Gigs were split among 3 established quartets, Wildcard, Grand River Serenade, Barbershop Style and one pickup quartet, Westy's Boys, while there were several other members also interested.  We were also accepting orders to sing the weekend before but didn't receive any. 
I had a great time shooting for the quartet Barbershop Style.  I got the day off from work and we met at a Big Boy restaurant at 8am for breakfast.  I got a video clip of the guys singing to our waitress that I later put on our website and on Barbershop Style's page   using  Besides doing homes and businesses they also performed at 2 different church luncheons, one was a large audience where they were well received performing for over 30 minutes.  My favorite stop was at an assisted living home's filled dining hall.  A gift from her daughters the elderly mother broke down in tears before the guys even started singing and was then surrounded by her daughters and granddaughters weeping and smiling as Barbershop Style serenaded them all.  I did get to 'sit in' for their lead and sing one Valentine for my Grandpa.  It was dinner time at his assisted living home and we hid around the corner waiting for the evening benediction to conclude.  Then we strode in to the dining hall and sang to a 'full house'.  He was glad to be the talk of the evening among all the ladies.