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Singing For Life

aren't being asked to donate blood, (but we certainly aren't being discourage, either), but the point of the program is to provide music to those donating blood on May 10, 2008.  Imagine the entire Barbershop Society singing at blood drives throughout the United States and Canada, all on one day!  We are also encouraging schools music programs, church singing groups, community choruses, etc., to get involved!  Let's fill the day with music!!!   Spread the word on this event to everyone in your chapter!

All of the information sent out by Todd Wilson is now on our Pioneer website, under M&PR.  Here's the link.  Please send it to your chapter leadership and your lead chapter contact for Singing for Life.  The Singing for Life chairman will act as a program manager to coordinate the event, work with your local blood drive center, and help coordinate community groups involved with the event, work with the media.  A full job description link is on our Pioneer District website's Marketing & PR Page

The Sunshine District is challenging Pioneer and all of the other districts to a competition for 100% chapter involvement.  Let's rise to the challenge and get each chapter registered now.  All you need is a volunteer to be the chair of the event  to sign up on the Sing for Life website.  (You will be prompted for 
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Barbershop Blood Drive

by Rick Anderson
Pioneer M&PR Director, Macomb County Chapter, Singing for Life chairman

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope your preparation for the holidays is going well and that you are spreading joy and music throughout your communities.  I've heard a lot of great stories of chapters and quartets singing throughout the holidays at nursing homes, hospitals, shows and parties.  It's great to know barbershop harmony is ringing during the season throughout Pioneer!  Do any of you still have the "Singing for Life" bookmarks I handed out at the Pioneer Fall convention?  Ever wonder what it was all about?  Well, hopefully many of you saw the note below  that recently came from Todd Wilson regarding Singing for Life.  It went out to our chapter leadership, and I'm 

an ID and Password.)  Here's the link.   The website is password protected, and the ID and password are in the "Job Description" document on the Pioneer website.

Please get your chapter registered!  This is an excellent opportunity for barbershoppers all over the nation to join together in song to entertain those giving the gift of life.  We can always give out membership information to those interested, but this is really a Public Relations activity designed to get barbershop harmony in the public eye.  Most of the world doesn't know about us!  Let's get the word out, and do something good for the community at the same time!  Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions or need help navigating the support documents.  I'm sure we will talk about this at our COTS school, too, so be sure to come, especially your Singing for Life chapter chairman.   


Also, have you heard about the 2008 Homecoming promotional?  The Society is giving us several means to promote barbershop!  It's another way to get our art form in the newspapers.  I'll send more information out on this activity soon, so keep an eye out.