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past Chapter President was its first recipient. Each year the local chapter votes for one of its members whose contribution to the success and well-being of these men's a cappella singing organization was the most critical and significant. Gary Monroe is a relatively new barbershop singer, he started 3 years ago and he thoroughly enjoys singing with the rest of the guys in the chapter. Gary sings baritone, the most difficult part in barbershop harmony style of singing. He is also VP for Music and Performance. "Our priority is to have fun singing together, yet we strive to make our art of singing four-part men's a-cappella harmony better through hard work and excellent direction from our music team", says Gary. "Both my mom and dad were musical. My mom played the organ at our church, and both of them were in special Christmas choruses. My dad proudly played the   sousaphone in the national FFA band in the 40's. They
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Gary Monroe 2007 BOTY

by Alexander Boltenko
PR Writer & Webmaster
Kalamazoo Barbershop Chorus

At its annual meeting on December 14, 2007 Kalamazoo Barbershop Harmony Society that includes Kalamazoo Barbershop Chorus and quartets, named *Gary Monroe* from Schoolcraft as their *Barbershopper of the Year*.   This award -- officially Gary Brown Memorial Award, was started in 1977 and Gary Brown, long-time barbershopper and

got me involved at a young age with  piano lessons at the age of 7 that I gave up at the age of 14 when I joined the band program. I was very active in the high school band playing trombone and bass guitar in the concert, marching, jazz bands and rock bands. I also sang bass for our high school choir, and also sing bass in my church choir", says Monroe. "I strive for perfection in everything that I do, yet I try not to take life too seriously. That's my way of trying to keep everything in my life: God, family, work and pleasure in balance, and in a priority that works best for me. I'm honored and humbled by receiving the Barbershopper of the Year award for 2007 for our chapter because there are so many in our chapter that are just as worthy of this reward". Gary Monroe. A computer technician has been married for 32 years and he lives in Schoolcraft. All his 3 sons sing and enjoy barbershop and sports.