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2007 District Champs

God that you never drove anywhere with Kelly! It’s been a long journey.  We’ve been to weekend barbershop schools and we’ve been to Harmony Quartet College.  We’ve been coached by multiple talented men and women.  We’ve changed our style, from comedy to serious, and then from serious to a bit of both.  We’ve struggled with in tune singing since the beginning.  We’ve spent years taking voice lessons (thanks, Dr. Meehan), and we’ve coached each other. While all this work has, according to a panel of judges, paid off, for me (and us), it’s really about the journey.  Basically, it’s been a blast.  We laugh, we talk, we sing, and, sometimes, we cry.  For Chordiology, the laugh part dominates, and while it often interferes with the singing part, it’s really what’s kept us together.  Yes we love to sing, but I think we love to laugh just as much – and sometimes our singing makes us laugh!  After all, how important are 6th place finishes (we owned 6th place) and not making the cut compared to the death of a fellow Chordiologist, the death of a parent, and a seriously ill first child, all of which happened during our journey?  
We went to the 2007 contest to do our best.  We went for a reality check.  Yes, we wanted to win, but come on, we’ve done this before, and we had no delusions of grandeur.  We did not and never did care that much if we won, as long as we did our best.  Our fear, put in Dan Bezaire’s words, was not to “lay a giant turd on the stage”.   In the moments before our name was called, I was hoping for 4th or 5th place, not wanting to own our usual 6th.  Then, I 

Chordiology Champs
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by Dave Spizarny
Bass, Chordiology
It’s Monday, and cloud 9 is starting - just a little - to dissipate. What an incredible weekend – it’s one I’ll never forget.  Guess which direction my love hate relationship with competition leaned this weekend?
Chordiology has been a registered quartet since 1990, so we’ve been around the block more than once.  Most of you know that we lost Kelly Brummett (part time Chordiology tenor, part time Chordiology baritone, and full time amazing singer), a few years ago to cancer.   The thing is, we still believe that Kelly is with us, because we laugh (and sometimes cry) about him at every rehearsal, and I mean every rehearsal.  Someone brings up his name, usually in some sophomoric context (we are, after all, Chordiology) and we start telling Kelly stories.  And besides, Cliff is slowly turning into Kelly – just ask him about the morons driving faster than him and the idiots driving slower than him.  And then thank
heard the word “Chordiology” and for an instant, timed stopped, and my mind raced. What did he say?  He said “Chordiology”.  He did.  I heard it.  I did hear it, didn’t I?    Cliff looked at me with a face that I’ll never forget (put that joke aside).  Pure joy mixed with disbelief, eyes full of water, face pleading with me to tell him that what he just heard was true.  It was.  And I’ve been assured that it’s too late for the judges to realize some mistake – Chordiology is the 2007 Pioneer District Quartet Champion.  Nice ring, don’t you think?
On Saturday afternoon, I sat down next to a stranger to watch the chorus competition.  In between choruses, this guy I never met before leaned toward me and said, “We’ve missed you guys on the stage the past couple years.  I’m glad you’re back”.  He was so sincere, that I believed him, and I was flabbergasted that anyone could miss our 6th place performances.  Then it hit me, he’s a barbershopper.  The amazing brotherhood, the unending good will, the appreciation that we have of this very difficult craft is remarkable.  And it really is sincere.   That guys could “miss” our 6th place efforts says a lot about our society, our district, and our members.
Did I mention that this hobby (sorry, Dr. Henry) - that this - brotherhood - is a blast?  
This weekend just happened to be a zillion megaton nuclear kind of blast.
Thank you Pioneer!