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Would you like to sing in a quartet, but canít find three other guys to sing with? Then come to the QUARTET FACTORY running concurrently with Quartet Boot Camp!

How will this happen?

Note: The Harmony Mercenaries will have a rehearsal in the evening, and we'll follow that rehearsal with a show -- quartets who were in Boot Camp, plus.... We'll bring in pizza and soft drinks for a dinner.

Signing up. Following your name, place a number 1 in the part box for your #1 choice of a part to sing. If you can/will sing only one part, youíre done. If you can sing more than one part, put a #2 in the box of your second choice; a #3 in your third choice, and #4 in your last choice. Some of you will have a #1, #2 and thatís all. Iíve filled in my choices as an example: (you can also just do this by email, not using the table.)

Name Tenor Lead Bari Bass
Roger Lewis 4 2 1 3

Questions? Reply to me at rjlewiscmc@aol.com.

Roger Lewis, President, QCA