Plateaus Explained

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Plateau awards will be given in the Spring and Fall contests. However, trophies will only be handed out in the Spring. A chorus is placed in a plateau based on its previous score whether it was in the previous fall Inter. Prelims, in the previous year's District Championship, or in either contest from the past three years. Average scores on multiple contests are not used. Any chorus that has not competed in more than three years automatically gets placed in plateau 4. I have the scores on file, and they are on the Pioneer site.

Plateau 4 - scores at 600 or less (or not competing for over three years)
Plateau 3 - scores at 601 - 700
Plateau 2 - scores at 701 - 800
Plateau 1 - scores at 801 and above.
The District Championship Chorus or the International Reps can be the plateau winner, as well.